icon table(less)generator v2

A quick and easy icon table(less) generator.



I was never an icon person, but when I did start making them, I made them in huge, horribly large batches. As an avid fan of the number-on-top icon table styling, it was a pity to find no icon table generators that were, well, up to my lazy standards ... and so I made one myself. So, why is this generator different than all the others? To add icons, you just bulk paste a huge link list. Just a simple new line for each new URL (beginning http://), which seems rather standard anyway. It's recommended for Photobucket's "select all and generate HTML codes" feature. So, really, all you have to do is upload to Photobucket and copy and paste. :)

If you have uploaded your icons on to your own webspace in a PHP environment, and you're not sure on how to retrieve a bulk icon URL list, this thread or glob() may help.


  1. Insert each icon URL in the text area below on its own line. (Return after each URL except for the last.)
  2. If you wish to have an icon batch heading, simply write down plain text on a new line (like a new icon) — however, please make sure http:// is not in front, otherwise it will be thought of as a URL. If you want to customise the styling of the headers, rewrite the CSS under the "advanced" fieldset.
  3. Choose/edit the option selections if need be.
  4. Press submit to retrieve the code for your "table"!

Please read the tidbits section above for extra information and problem solutions. If you do run into any bugs, however, (or suggestions!) please e-mail me using the e-mail at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

Seem a bit overwhelming? All you need to do is input your icon URLs on new lines — that is the only required part; everything else is optional. :)

Ze Form

Table Styling

Number Styling [hexcodes]

Icon Styling [hexcodes]

Icon URLs

Number Position

Add Random Selection (Teasers)

Credit Line

Advanced — Custom styling


* = Not recommended for slow Internet connections/massive batch of icons

** = The preferred posting method is using the HTML tab. Not Rich Text.