livejournal friends

Adding your old livejournal friends.

Right. Let's assume, hypothetically, you want to start a new journal. You want to keep your old friends, however, and that, therein, lies the problem. You have over five of them. (I can hear the raised eyebrows.) Hypothetically speaking, or realistically, you're too lazy to add all these people back ... you'd much rather do them all in one go.

Then you found this nifty admin console and you realised "ooh, easy!" and well, yes, now you just need to type up all your friends and add "friend add" in front of their names and ... the prospect of endless clicking might appeal to you.

That's where this page comes in handy.

Simply copy and paste the list of friends in from the desired userinfo and hit "submit".

If your list is comma separated, click "Commas". If it's space separated click "Spaces".